Saturday 14 January 2012

DIY Shirt Weave

Whenever I go out to the shops I always look at plain shirts and dresses whenever they're on sale. I got this shirt for $3 from supre. Pretty good :) Here's a tutorial on how to achieve this look.

Step 1

Lay the shirt flat and mark out the middle of where you are cutting. Then mark out each line, I did mine 2cm apart. Also mark out how far out you will cut to, I did mine in a v-shape.

Step 2

Cut out the strips, it does not have to be perfect, you won't notice in the end result.

Step 3

Grab the second strip and place it on top of the first strip.

Step 4

Pull the second strip under the first strip.

Step 5

Place the third strip on top of the loop of the second strip, repeat until you reach the end.

Step 6

When you've reach the end of the strips, take the loop to the inside of the shirt and handstitch it into place.

Now you should be finished :) Here's a photo of me wearing the final product. This technique can be applied to anything, as long as the fabric is knitted and not woven, so it doesn't fray.


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I cant view the pics s as y up date for 3rd party viewing, maybe i hv to wait for someone eles to watch?? Do u hv a diff link or direct link to this, really want o see

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